guardianship family law attorneys Guardianships are established for people who are otherwise unable to attend to their own affairs. The developmentally disabled, the severely handicapped, minor children without a parent, and the elderly who are no longer capable of attending to their own affairs are examples of those who would benefit from guardianships. The person for whom the guardianship is established is called the ward.

A guardian is a person who is to stand in the place of the ward when decisions are to be made. Typically, a family member or close family friend is established as the guardian. The guideline for how the guardian makes decisions is simply to ask, "What is in the best interest of the ward?" or "What would the ward choose if he/she could choose on his/her own?"

Guardianships legally allow the guardian to stand in the place of the ward in making all decisions. To speak to one of our attorneys about guardianships, call 770-461-2025.

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