Department of Family and Children Services

DFACS attorney GAGeorgia's Department of Family and Children Services has the power to investigate families upon report of deprivation or abuse. Through the power of the Juvenile Court, DFACS can remove children from the family and place them with other family members or with strangers who are certified by DFACS. Unfortunately, the process can often cause damage to the family that can have long lasting effects.

When an investigation is not quickly ended, it is recommended to get an attorney to assist with the protection of the family. Often, attorneys can protect the family's rights, while working with DFACS. By facilitating the process, an attorney will often be able to help the family avoid the long, costly, and often emotionally painful path of a hearing in Juvenile Court.

When DFACS brings an action, attorneys can be hired to represent the parents, the children, or to intervene on behalf of a family member who wishes to have placement and/or custody of the children. In a depravation hearing, it is important to have a lawyer to represent at least one of the parties. Knowing the procedure, as well as when to be cooperative and when to be aggressive, can be critical in ensuring the best outcome for the children and the family. If you have questions about a DFACS matter, call 770-461-2025 for a consultation with one of our family law attorneys.

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