White Collar Crime

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White collar crime encompasses most illegal offenses that occur in a business or professional setting. White collar crime differs from many other types of crimes in that they do not often involve manifestations of physical violence. Commonly, white collar crime is committed by individuals who larger society entrusts with their confidence and finances. This can include abuses of trust such as embezzlement or fraud committed against an employer. In addition, white collar crime includes personal crimes such as tax evasion or credit card fraud. Despite the different types of white collar crime, most white collar crime results in large-scale financial losses to companies and individuals alike.

The punishment for individuals charged with white collar crimes varies depending on a variety of factors including the specific nature of the relationship that has been compromised and the amount of money involved. White collar crime charges are serious and often involve complex legal work. At the Miller & Brown, P.C., we strive to provide the best possible representation, so that you may receive fair and honest treatment in court. As with any criminal charge, it is important to discuss your charge with an attorney to determine your legal rights and defenses.

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