Theft by Receiving

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Under Georgia law, a person who receives, disposes of, or retains stolen property with the knowledge that the property is stolen commits the offense of theft by receiving stolen property. The offense does not apply to persons who receive, dispose of, or retain stolen property with the intent to restore it to the owner. Additionally, it is not necessary for the State to charge a person with larceny or theft by taking before seeking a conviction for the person who is in receipt of the stolen item.

Like all other theft crimes under Georgia law, theft by deception is a misdemeanor when the property is valued at less than $500.00. When the property is valued at more than $500.00, a person may face between one (1) and ten (10) years imprisonment.

When an individual is charged with theft by receiving, it can be an incredibly stressful and confusing experience. This charge in particular can be a surprise to many charged with it. As with any criminal charge, it is important to discuss your theft by receiving charge with an attorney who can explain the legal implications of the charge. If you would like to have a consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys regarding a theft by receiving charge or any other criminal concern, please call our office at (770) 461-2025.

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