Pre-Charge Representation

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There are times when an individual is arrested but not charged with a crime -- or questioned about an incident or situation -- and the individual may feel in need of legal advice or representation. Most people do not realize what rights they have prior to an arrest.

Innocent party pre-charge representation

An individual may not be involved in an incident but still be named as a suspect. The police must get as many suspects as possible when starting a search to make sure that they do not leave out details. An attorney can expedite an investigation by the police. This can help avoid the embarrassment and stress of a charge. It is important to note that most instances wherein an innocent party is a suspect will not require representation as the police do not want to waste time on investigating an innocent party and are easy to approach with information or evidence of innocence. Most of the times when an innocent party would need representation would be in instances when the innocent party was involved with other people who committed the crime, whether the individual knew of the crime or not. It is also important to note that it is usually less expensive to pay an attorney for a few hours of work before a charge is made than the hours of work that may be involved if charges are pressed.

Guilty party pre-charge representation

First, it must be said that an attorney can NEVER aid in a crime or act in such a way as to hide evidence from the government. An attorney can NEVER advise a client as to how to avoid the law. Pre-charge representation can advise you of your rights and duties. If you plan on admitting your crime, an attorney may be able to help get a lower sentence as courts are more sympathetic to those who show remorse or responsibility for their acts. The cost of hiring an attorney before charges are pressed is worth the benefit of protecting your rights.

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