Child Molestation Charge

criminal law attorneyIn Georgia, a person commits the offense of child molestation when he or she does any immoral or indecent act to, in the presence of, or with any child under the age of sixteen (16) and acts with a sexual intent. Punishment increases in severity based on the number of times an individual is convicted of child molestation. For a first offense, an individual faces five (5) to twenty (20) years in prison. For a second or subsequent offense, an individual faces ten (10) to thirty (30) years in prison. An individual can receive the punishment of life imprisonment for multiple offenses, but the State must give notice to the defendant that the State intends to seek this punishment for child molestation. Aggravated Child Molestation: A person commits the offense of aggravated child molestation when that person commits an act of child molestation which physically injures the child or involves an act of sodomy. When someone is charged with the offense of child molestation, the charges are serious and involve very sensitive issues. As with any charge, someone charged with child molestation should speak to an attorney to ascertain any defenses, as well as rights through the trial process. In order to set up a free initial consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys, call 770-461-2025.

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