arson attorney GAUnder Georgia law, the offense of arson is prosecuted in first, second, and third degrees. A person commits first degree arson when he or she causes damage to another person's home, building, vehicle, or any other structure by means of fire or explosives. A person commits second degree arson when he or she knowingly encourages or aids another to commit arson. The value of the property damaged is irrelevant for first and second degree arson. Third degree arson applies to personal property, and the state must prove the property had a value of at least $25.00.

All degrees of arson are prosecuted as felonies in Georgia. First degree arson is punishable up to twenty (20) years imprisonment per offense; second degree up to ten (10) years per offense; third degree up to five (5) years per offense. Defendants convicted of arson are also subject to fines, restitution (repayment of damages), as well as other restrictions.

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