Child Support


Child support is money given to help in the cost of support of the child/ren. One parent may have sole or partial custody of the child/ren and receive child support from the other parent. Even if custody is joint, one party may be obligated to pay child support for the time during which the children are in the custody of the other party. Many of the same factors considered in alimony are also considered for child support.

While bankruptcy can help shield from alimony, child support claims live through bankruptcy proceedings. In Georgia, if unpaid, child support judgments are enforceable even after the child has reached the age of majority. Judgments prior to July of 1997 will not be enforceable after seven years; however, due to a change in law, unpaid child support payments due during and after July of 1997 have no statute of limitations and therefore will not expire, so long as there is a reasonable effort to collect.

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